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Tout Voir productions

Is a tight, cohesive team of audio and video experts who, day in and day out, are constantly reinventing the concept of corporate, Web and television videos. Their approach: creating hard-hitting content that highlights the essence of any company or project: its human capital!


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Corporate Videos

Because the word “corporate” should reflect your unique, rich and dynamic culture, we advocate an approach that transforms your project into a motivating, rewarding and unifying experience for all your employees.

  • Video recording of shows and events
  • Video clips
  • Testimonial and Interview videos
  • Tutorial videos
  • Training and recruiting videos
  • Promotional videos
  • Web videos
  • Translation, transcription, subtitles, voice dubbing

For Pratt & Whitney Canada: production of more than 25 interviews / testimonials, promotional, commercial, product & services videos. Customer since 2013.



The world of television is evolving rapidly, and this evolution drives constantly renewed and innovative content. Our original, high-quality output attracts attention: we capture viewers!

  • TV/Web concepts
  • Magazine and service shows and clips
  • Line producer
  • Infomercials
  • Open described content shows
  • Translation, transcription, subtitles, voice dubbing

For AMI-télé: production of 197 TV magazine programs, a documentary and a corporate video.


One of the most powerful assets of your project is its uniqueness. Customized production allows us to make this star shine through, creating authentic and impactful content. In addition, we handle the management and coordination of your project, in line with your budget and deadlines.

  • Ideation
  • Creative concepts
  • Scriptwriting
  • Audio-visual graphic design
  • Video editing
  • Motion design / 2D and 3D animation
  • Color correction
  • Audio mix, sound design
  • Technical production services
  • On-site coordination with venue technicians
  • Aerial/drone filming
  • Virtual reality
  • Moodboards
  • Storyboards
  • Translation, transcription, subtitles, voice dubbing

For Le collectif des chambres du Québec: creation and production of a mini-series of promotional and services videos.


By accompanying you at every stage of the production process, we ensure that your project appeals to the broadest audience.

Each project has its own set of specific objectives and benefits. That’s why we advocate a tailor-made approach for every client.

  • Briefing and identification of objectives and benefits
  • Ideation
  • Creative concept
  • On-camera coaching and direction
  • Implementation of Web-TV production processes

For La Presse+: consultant and project manager for the design, the production and the workflow implementation of the video studio. Creation of the packaging components (graphic and sound design) for La Presse+ videos.



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Pratt & Whitney Canada: “MISSION POSSIBLE”

Pratt & Whitney Canada is a world leader in the aerospace industry. The company designs and manufactures engines for business jets, regional aircraft and helicopters. Our long-standing relationship with P&WC includes the production of 25 videos, including “MISSION POSSIBLE”.

The objective of this production was to reflect the importance and benefits of involving the International Trade Compliance Department from the outset of a business project. To illustrate this, Pratt & Whitney Canada wanted to share the success of its APU Project.


  • Involve the executive directors in the video production process, effectively making them company spokespeople.
  • Demystify the International Trade Compliance Department’s legal work by showing it under a friendly and accessible light.
  • Capture employee attention with a powerful, appealing concept.
  • Provide an unforgettable experience to employees participating in filming.



  • Creative concept and scriptwriter: original and cinematic script.
  • Coaching and direction: of company executives and directors.
  • Seasoned technical team: “green screen” studio shooting.
  • Seasoned technical team: on-site (office and plant) shooting.
  • 2D and 3D animation, special effects and sound design.
  • Translation, transcription, subtitles, voice dubbing.

AMI-télé: Accessible television channel

AMI-télé broadcasts programming featuring open described video and closed captioning, for blind, visually impaired, deaf or hard-of-hearing Canadians. AMI-télé wanted to create a series of original shows in the form of a service-oriented magazine focused on disabilities, with four original 30-minute shows every week.

Our mandate included not only setting the tone for each episode, but also producing the entire audio-visual content. Upon completion of our mandate, Tout Voir productions had produced close to 200 shows.


  • In-depth research and meetings, to fully understand the client’s needs and expectations.
  • Proposal of an organizational plan aimed at implementing the project effectively, from pre-production to broadcast.
  • Taking on the role of “project managers” in order to be involved in every aspect of the organization, thus allowing us to fulfill all client requests.



  • Set design, graphic and music design: for program/show identity.
  • Technical workflow: for filming: production, editing, coordination, colorization, mixing, digitization, subtitling (2 formats), delivery of final product suitable for both broadcast TV and Web.
  • Organization and coordination of pre-production meetings.
  • Establishment of a team devoted to production and agile techniques.
  • Implementation of a working method adapted to filming with lightweight equipment, working with a smaller team in order to provide sufficient space for the hosts and their guests.

Production of 197 shows, one corporate video and a documentary.

Children’s Wish Foundation: concept and production – testimonial videos

The Children’s Wish Foundation is a unique charitable organization dedicated to granting wishes to Canadian children with life-threatening illnesses, their families and their communities.

The objective of the Children’s Wish Foundation project was to raise as much money as possible during fundraising events through testimonial videos showcasing children and their families.


  • Address the topic in a positive and hope-filled tone and manner.
  • Bring the viewers close to the children: show them and their loved ones expressing their views openly and honestly about the disease, and the life-changing impact of their Wish.
  • Illustrate and reinforce the good work of the Children’s Wish Foundation and its positive impact on the lives of children and their families.



  • Direction and production: two series of testimonial videos featuring children who have had their Wish granted, or who are hoping to experience their Wish.
  • Coaching: Children and their families to convey their message with ease.
  • Coordination and advisory services.
  • Human approach: trust-based relationship with children and their families.
  • Determining the most strategic moment to project testimonials during fundraising events.

At the initial fundraising event held at Le Mirage Golf Club, attending contributors were moved by the testimonial videos. Their impact was such that cash donations amounted to twice those of the previous year.

Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan

The Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan provides insurance for all types of businesses as well as for the self-employed. Currently, more than 25,000 companies subscribe to the Plan.

The external communications aspect of our mandate with the Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan was to increase awareness of the services offered by the company to SMEs as well as to Chamber of Commerce members and executives. Internally, we were tasked with mobilizing the company’s advisors, thus creating synergies within the team. Finally, we were responsible for the creation of a series of videos to be posted on the company’s new website.


  • Development of a concept that provides a motivating experience for plan advisors.
  • Involvement of a well-known and inspiring spokesperson to promote the company’s message (in this case, Isabelle Charest, three-time Olympic medalist, businesswoman and powerful communicator).
  • Involvement of the company’s employees in an exceptional team building experience through their participation in the video.
  • Production of a miniseries of videos explaining the Plan, to be posted on social media and shown at Chamber of Commerce events and meetings throughout Québec.
  • Development of a modular concept, so that future videos can be produced at a lower cost, while respecting branding guidelines.



  • Creative concept and scriptwriting: a flagship and timeless concept/script.
  • Development of a modular concept in line with client’s budget.
  • Direction and coaching: advisors and spokesperson.
  • Seasoned technical team: studio shooting.
  • High-end editing and 2D motion design.

La Presse+: Concept development and production of a corporate video shown at the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal

La Presse+ is an application powered by La Presse, created exclusively for digital tablets. It offers a novel information experience, highlighting content favoured by each individual user and featuring interactive visuals, videos and photo galleries.

The objective of this project was to create and produce a three-minute content-based video highlighting the important role played by journalists and media organizations in maintaining a healthy democracy. The video was shown in support of a speech given by Guy Crevier, President of La Presse, at a Chamber of Commerce conference attended by over 300 influential political, business and media personalities.


  • Give the opportunity to the journalists to express their support for the message.
  • Emphasize journalists’ vision of the importance of their role, and that of press organizations, in the consolidation and preservation of a strong and healthy democracy.



  • Research: on democracy and the history of a free press, in order to script questions for La Presse’s journalists.
  • Direction and coaching: of journalists when addressing the camera directly.
  • Seasoned technical team: drone/aerial, intimist and tracking camera shooting.
  • High-end filming and post-production: convey and promote the participants’ opinions and comments.

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